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Bad Clues


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Bad Clues is a parody on the Nick Jr. Show, Blues clues. The dog, Woof, is your average, drug-crazy-balls-obsessed canine. The site it was originally on, is inactive currently, but its cartoons have aged well since it stopped being updated in 2001.

Table o' Contents

Bad Clues Episode 1
In this episode Kev tries to figure out what Woof is trying to say.

Bad Clues Episode 2
Kev brings Woof to the Vet to get spayed. On the way he tries to figure out what Woof is saying.

Bad Clues Episode 3
In this episode, sponsored by Revenge Brand Cereal (It goes against your moral fiber), Woof misses his balls and he resorts to violence

Bad Clues Episode 4
Woof tries to get a new pair of balls from the Doc.

Created by:
p y r o k i t t y
c r e a t i o n s